DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SURGICAL MASKS AND REPIRATORS IT IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND HOW THE DIFFERENT MASKS PROTECT IN ORDER TO PROTECT THEMSELVES AND OTHERS IN THE BEST WAY READ MORE Respirator masks protect both the wearer and others, while the surgical face mask only protects others and not the wearer CHOOSE RIGHT GLOVES UNDERSTANDING THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CLASSIFICATIONS IS CRUCIAL TO USE THE RIGHT GLOVES FOR THE RIGHT PURPOSE READ MORE There are several different classifications of gloves, each with its own area of use. Choosing the right gloves for the right purpose is crucial to protecting the user and others
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We guarantee that our products live up to the right standard through control of certification and collaborations with well-established manufacturers in Europe, Asia and the US.

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We have delivered to governments, municipalities, and the private sector in both Europe and the US.

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Our global network of transport companies that secure transport worldwide.

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