Protective gloves are marked with EN standards to show what they are protected with. The protective gloves that protect against several risks are thus marked with more EN standards. Below we describe EN standards in gloves we provide.

EN 420

This standard defines general requirements that apply to all protective gloves:

  • The gloves themselves should not pose a risk or cause injury to the user
  • The glove material must have a pH value between 3.5 and 9.5
  • The maximum permissible chromium content (6-value chromium) in leather gloves is 3 mg/kg
  • The manufacturer must inform if there are substances in the glove that are known to cause allergies
  • The sizes of the gloves are standardized with regard to the minimum length

EN 374

Protective gloves against chemicals and microorganisms.

This standard specifies the requirements for the gloves so that the user is protected against chemicals and/or microorganisms.

  • The shortest permissible length of the glove that is liquid tight must be in accordance with EN420
  • The glove is tested for leakage with air and/or water and is assessed in accordance with the accepted quality level, so-called AQL level, 1, 2 or 3 in the penetration test. This is tested on all chemical protective gloves, regardless of the level of protection
  • To be classified as a full-fledged chemical protection glove, it must also withstand a breakthrough time of at least 30 minutes (class 2) for at least three of the twelve specified chemicals
  • If the minimum requirement for chemical protection is not met, the glove is instead classified as "Low chemical protection". Then it meets the requirements for level 2 in the penetration test, the AQL level
  • Protection for "Microorganisms" is met if the glove passes at least performance level 2 in the penetration test, AQL

EN 511

Protective gloves against cold.

This standard measures how well the glove withstands both ambient cold and contact cold. In addition, water penetration is tested after 30 minutes.

  • The first number shows how well the glove withstands ambient cold (performance level 0-4)
  • The second number shows how well the glove withstands contact cooling (performance level 0-4)
  • The third number shows the glove protection against water penetration (performance level 0 or 1 where 0 indicates "water penetration after 30 minutes" and 1 indicates "no water penetration after 30 minutes")

EN 455

Requirements for disposable medical gloves.

Standard specifying requirements and test methods for disposable gloves for medical use. Requirements are set for and measurements include:

  • Density
  • Sizing
  • Strength and thickness
  • Traction in fractures before and after accelerated aging
  • Biological safety