Other products

Other products

Personal protective equipment and medical devices are a large product category with millions of products. In this product guide, we have explained in more detail how the most important products work, what standards they must follow and what these standards mean. This is to give you a more in-depth understanding of how protective equipment works. Protective equipment must protect the patient and/or staff and it is therefore important to adapt the product to the risk exposure and the working environment. In many cases, this requires several different products on different parts of the body.

Product range

PharmaUse has a large range of products within personal protective equipment and medical technology products. Some products have a very specific area of use and some more widely. Below you have a selection of the products we sell:

  • Hairnet
  • Sleeve protection
  • Shoe protection
  • Surgical helmet
  • Test tube

We are happy to consult you in your purchases to find the most quality and affordable products on the market and to ensure that you get access to the products that your business needs. Thanks to our large distribution network, we have producers in both the EU and Southeast Asia who can deliver even when the supply of sought-after products is low.