Face masks


Respirators are personal protective equipment (PPE) and can be designed in different ways, both to minimize the wearer's exposure to airborne harmful particles and to filter the wearer's exhaled air. Many work situations require that we protect our airways with respiratory protection. The type of respiratory protection you should have depends on the environment you work in, what tasks you have and what requirements there are for respiratory protection in your work environment. Some work environments expose you to risk by affecting the eyes, nose and also, at high concentrations, through the skin. Where such risks exist, respiratory protection must be supplemented with eye protection, a visor and/or a tight protective suit.

PharmaUse has a wide range of disposable and protective reusable respirators that are suitable for use in healthcare.

Note! Respiratory protection should not be confused with surgical masks. Oral protection used in healthcare or dentistry does in general not protect the wearer against air contamination. However, it can protect the patient from microorganisms in the exhaled air from the wearer.

Surgical mask

Surgical masks are not personal protective equipment, they are used to protect the patient and the environment from contamination. Surgical masks prevent drops from the wearer's exhaled air from ending up in the environment and thus prevent microorganisms from ending up in the operating area. There are several classifications regarding surgical mouthguards having different standards and qualifications. Read more about this under Certificates.