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Our products

In health and care, there are many different work environments with different areas of use, risk exposure and level of protection. We provide visors and eye protection with a variety of functions where, among other things, scratch resistance, fog freedom, adjustable shell, etc. differentiate the different protections. Feel free to contact us for more information so that you can have the right protective equipment for your business.

Eye protection

Some occupations involve many changes of gloves or wearing them during long work shifts. For the skin it is tough, so follow our advice:

  • Glasses with or without side protection. Available with or without functions such as scratch resistance, eyebrow protection, protection against chemicals, fog-free and / or adjustable shell.
  • Glasses with full-coverage frame and close tightly around the eyes.

Face protection
  • Visor with or without helmet
  • Reuseable visors
  • Visors with own branding