Live Storage

Live Storage, warehouse management for customers

Warehousing that simplifies inventory management and ensures the durability of emergency warehouses during and before times of crisis with a focus on critical care products.

In addition to PharmaUse offering a complete selection of quality-assured protective equipment, we have also realized another major problem that has hit effected the healthcare system: inventory management of protective equipment, both before and during the crisis.
There are many ways to stock items needed in the healthcare system and the differences are big depending on the regulation in different countries, within which product category and so forth. Common in all these scenarios is the troubling fact that the product has a limited lifespan and that customers need an emergency stockpile. This is an issue that PharmaUse has recognized and solved for many customers. PharmaUse offers "live storage management" to our customers, where we provide warehousing of the regular assortment and emergency stockpile. By being able to offer both the daily need for protective equipment and stock management by delivering the products whose expiration time is closest in time first, while the stock is continuously updated with new deliveries to be able to ensure a contingency stock for our customers. Our differentiation and added value lie in our warehouse system with dedicated emergency stockpiles with quality-controlled products that can be delivered, for example, during a second wave of Covid-19 or future crisis times. The customer can always feel confident in receiving deliveries even during times when the supply of the most critical products is small, thanks to the emergency stockpile.

PharmaUse is at the forefront of how deliveries of socially critical products in healthcare will take place in the future. Traditional warehousing where the supplier focuses on optimal warehousing in terms of capacity and profitability with the assumption that delivery of products is ensured, has not worked during Covid-19. Our Live Storage is adapted to the customer's needs and their need to be able to ensure the delivery of critical care products even when the supply of these is small.

Benefits of Live Storage

  • Guaranteed emergency stock as products that do not expire
  • Guaranteed safe products that meet all requirements
  • Guaranteed access to daily needs